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Christmas Trading Hours

Chinchilla 4 X 4 Centre would like to advise our customers of our special Christmas Trading Hours. Please book in early to avoid the rush.

Closed from COB Fri 20th of December and reopening on Mon 6th of January.

 *We will still be open throughout Christmas for our 24/7 Breakdown Assistance Service.

4x4 and Off-road Vehicle Service 

Chinchilla 4 X 4 Centre are experts in 4WD and Off-Road Vehicles. We provide service and repairs for four wheel drive vehicles and can also advise you on the best way to look after your 4X4 or off-road vehicle. 

As well as offering expert service and repair of four-wheel drives, we can advise you on other aspects of 4WD care or upgrades such as Lift Kits, Air Intake Snorkels, Backup Batteries and Dual charging systems, Brake upgrades or adjustments, Bullbars, Differential Breathers (front & rear), Extra fuel tanks, Shock absorbers, Suspension systems and of course 4X4 and Off-road Tyres. 




You should only trust a mechanic experienced in 4WD service to work on your four-wheel drive, especially if you are thinking of adding any modifications. Some modifications, such as adding lift kits to your 4X4 vehicle, can have unexpected effects on vehicle handling if not carried out correctly. Braking capabilities, fuel economy and steering can also be affected.

You might also need to consider having adjustments made to driveshaft length or gear ratios or even upgrading your shock absorbers, brakes or suspension components to suit the upgrade

Just let us know how you intend to use your 4WD and we can give you the right advice to look after your four wheel drive vehicle and what upgrades you might find beneficial. Selecting the correct suspension setup for your 4X4 vehicle, for example, involves carefully matching the components to the weight your vehicle will be likely to carry as well as the way you intend to use the vehicle.

So whether you are looking for great service for your 4WD or just want some advice on the best way to care for your four-wheel drive vehicle, come and see the off-road experts at  Chinchilla 4 X 4 Centre.

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